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Hellfire Cave

Position Pilot Rocket Best Time Date
1 Huw Roberts Alpha Centauri 1m 0.85s 2020-03-26
2 Wombat Red Rocket 1m 13.75s 2020-05-09
3 weeble Red Rocket 1m 16.88s 2019-01-07
4 WackyWobler Red Rocket 1m 25.37s 2019-02-18
5 Huw Roberts The Black Mamba 1m 41.58s 2020-12-05
6 Bigears Red Rocket 1m 43.30s 2019-04-03
7 Nerf The Black Mamba 3m 40.27s 2018-11-17

Best Times Today

Position Pilot Rocket Best Time

* after name of rocket indicates level was completed with 'Assist' mode switched off, which requires a great level of skill!